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Redbalifrog retired items

These Redbalifrog products are discontinued, no longer in the collection, but may still be available at our retailers. Finished = finished!.

Retirement 2019
  • Chook the Chicken (C001)
  • 12 Days of Christmas (all)
  • Christmas Star (C007)
  • Coconut Husk (C013)
  • Doc the Parrot (D002)
  • Dreamtime (D008)
  • Eye of Horus-Ankh (E004)
  • Friendship (F007)
  • Good Luck Money Buddha (G004)
  • Guardian of the Nest (G012)
  • Lady Godiva (L007)
  • Madonna and Child (M008)
  • Mastya Fish Man (NB017)
  • Nefertiti (N002)
  • Ol'Ram (O002)
  • Peace Guitar (P013)
  • Peace sign of Twigs (P011)
  • Penguin and Baby (P003)
  • Queen of the World (Q002)
  • Star n Fish (S006)
  • Trojan Horse (T011)
  • Tutankhamun (T009)
  • Venus of Brassempouy (V001)
  • Yoga Buddha (Y002)
  • Snake necklace (JW049)
  • Snake bracelet
  • Pearl and Starfish bracelet (JW070)
  • Peace on Earth (CD001)
  • Maddona and Child pendant (JW045)
  • Joy to the World pendant (CD001)
  • Circles (all)
  • Bead Stick 4cm + 7cm (JW029, JW030)
  • All seeing eye pendant (NB008)
Retirement 2017
  • Star signs (all)
  • All Seeing Eye (NB005)
  • Arrow (A008)
  • Babushka Doll (B004)
  • Bermuda (NB003)
  • Geisha Doll (G002)
  • Hand of Love (H003)
  • Little Key (L003)
  • Earth Mother Goddess (E001)
  • Pumpkin Pig (P006)
  • Cross (C003)
  • North Pole (N005)
  • Turtle Dude (T007)
  • Yin Yang (Y001)
  • Frog Prince (F006
  • Peace n’ Dove (P002)
  • Unlock VooDoo Pendant (NB006)
Retirement 2015
  • Let the Sunshine (L001)
  • Thai Troll (T001)
  • Alien Roswell (A002)
  • Arthur the Cat (A003)
  • Baboon Thoth (B003)
  • Baubles (NB011)
  • Hippo Amulet (H004)
  • Eskimo Joe (E003)
  • Lucky Cat (L006)
  • Maja & Digger (M002)
  • New Year Hat (N004)
  • Poppin' Popcorn (P004)
  • Rope (R003)
  • Snake Skin (S004)
  • Sleeping Baby (S007)
  • Thinker Man (T003)
  • Urn (U002)
  • Yoga Bracelet
  • Lotus Lock (JW001 original version)
  • White Pearl (W004 original version)
  • Frangipani (F005)
  • Dolphin Tiki (D003)
  • Bathing Beauty (B006)
  • Panda Love (P001)

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Lotus flower: a symbol of purity. Redbalifrog, your world in silver.

Les perles en argent 925 Redbalifrog sont fabriquées en utilisant le processus de moulage à la cire perdue et finies à la main localement à Ubud, Bali.